Ambitious Girl

Growing up in a rural area the only thing that can keep a girl going is ambition, wanting more out of life and believing that if I work hard enough I will achieve all that I hope for. Honestly there isn’t much to do in the village, the circle of life is limited to completing matric most likely with poor marks then be a supermarket cashier, somehow become a young single parent or if you’re lucky get married to a man who earns minimum salary with 3 plus kids and worry if you will have enough food to last throughout the month for the rest of your life.

Dare to dream and try to find ways to make those dreams come true, that’s much better than to live a simple standard life. Many people are afraid of failing and trying out new things instead they comform to what is considered normal.


One thought on “Ambitious Girl

  1. Yet in those very circumstances people dream big… work hard .. Make a living right there…. Some have produced such dynamites as you from that very rural condition… what’s missing in this blog is that part… that many examples exist of those who made it again odds cos they would not just sit and suffer


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