Be true to yourself!

One of the things we have to master to win in life is the skill of being honest with ourselves. It might not seem important but actually it plays a huge role in the decisions we take daily ultimately in how our life turns out.

Don’t lie to yourself! What do I mean? Find your values and beliefs( find yourself) and stick to them. For instance let’s talk about faith and God, going to church is not just matter of fulfilling societal obligations. You can have the whole church fooled attending every service but at the end it all won’t count because what truly matters is your faith…..

Weird how the lies we tell seem true to ourselves, we ened up believing in our own lies…hence it’s very important to be true to yourself for instance if you know you’re not grinding hard enough, not pushing yourself to the limit or not studying enough basically if you know you can do better than your current. Stop convincing yourself that you’ve tried whilst you know you could’ve achieved much better.

Be true to yourself in your abilities, strengths and weaknesses it allows you to outline the things you can and can’t do and how to deal with the things you can’t do. WE BECOME WHAT WE TELL OURSELVES!

Dear you🌸

You’re doing well! You’re definitely not in the same place you were in by this time last year or even when this year begun! Congratulations! Now don’t stop! Discipline and consistency will take you a long way!

A winning mind.

We often do not realise the importance of training our minds to think positively. Fact is things won’t always go the way we plan them, life has its ups and downs and all we need is a strong positive mental to stay up even on the down days.

Honestly every situation gets as bad as we make it out to be in our minds, the moment you convince yourself that it’s too much and you can not take it you are most likely going to fail. Train your mind to think positively in negative situations, if the worst is currently happening surely something good will follow. It’s just a matter of looking past your hopeless situation. Often times we are imprisoned by our own thoughts, a small voice constantly saying you’re dreams are too big and unrealistic, you’re not good enough or your life was messed up from how you were brought up and you can never be more than what you are.

Feed your mind and soul positive stuff, believe in yourself and conquer. Try reading motivational books, YouTube videos about self- development, get a mentor, listen to encouraging songs, pray and focus on your goals.

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed”.
Robert H. Schuller.

Unemployment depression!!

I always thought life would be so much easier after varsity but to my surprise things got worse, all I was prepared for was how hard I was going to work and grow myself intellectually in the corporate world. No one ever warned me about the possibilities of not getting a job or interviews for a year and a half, so psychologically I was never prepared to deal it. I went from being a motivated and enthusiastic girl to this hopeless lifeless girl.
Practically after varsity my life was full of midnight and 5am tears, how do you go to bed in peace while nothing is coming together and waking up to do the same routine of sending applications which do not seem to have any fruitful outcome or any outcome at all. The pain of not being progressive in life and I’d ask myself if the difficulties and troubles I faced during varsity were not enough?? And which game is the universe playing with me like is it the rule that we suppose to get what we put in this life thing? And waking up every morning asking myself why do I keep trying and how much of these disappointments I can take. Volunteering in a community library was basically the only way to survive, that kept my mind busy during the day but I would go back to fight battles in mind every night.
Growing up I was always looking forward to the point where I would do everything for myself and siblings, how great it would be to not worry about what I will eat in the morning or if the kids will have bread to carry to school. And now the only thing that is standing between me and that dream are employers and what’s worse is that everyday I wake and do everything there is to do but still nothing good is coming out of it. When things are this bad how do you not feel like a failure? The countless suicide notes and not having the courage to do it, I couldn’t put my siblings through so much pain I mean they’ve endured a lot.
To survive I learned to pray, to have faith, to believe and to stay on his promise that his plans aren’t to harm me but to prosper me. Till this day I’m still waiting on that promise….

Ambitious Girl

Growing up in a rural area the only thing that can keep a girl going is ambition, wanting more out of life and believing that if I work hard enough I will achieve all that I hope for. Honestly there isn’t much to do in the village, the circle of life is limited to completing matric most likely with poor marks then be a supermarket cashier, somehow become a young single parent or if you’re lucky get married to a man who earns minimum salary with 3 plus kids and worry if you will have enough food to last throughout the month for the rest of your life.

Dare to dream and try to find ways to make those dreams come true, that’s much better than to live a simple standard life. Many people are afraid of failing and trying out new things instead they comform to what is considered normal.


We all have heard of the expression “patience is key” but what amount of patience can really one practice? We all get to a point where we just can not take it anymore, where either something happens or we just quit.

As a Christian my belief and faith does not allow me to quit anything, if I ever stop doing something it means I have something better to try out. My patience comes from believing that God’s timing is perfect and he has a good plan for my life therefore I never quit, yes I do get tired sometimes and feel like quitting everything but If I don’t work hard for my own future then I am ready to live an average life for the rest of my life.

So basically I never give gave up without a better plan. Good things take time and believe me that’s a fact!!